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A Letter From the Creator of SHE ROCKS LIFE™

What is Courage?

The heart of courage is hope. If we are to act courageously there must be something we are hopeful for. It may be as simple as having hope that our courage will save lives, or as complex as the hope that the courage to go against the grain of conformity, commonality and censorship will open up pathways to a new system of things where we are prized for our uniqueness, differences, oddities and idiosyncrasies.

It takes an extreme amount of courage to leave our past selves behind. Crossing thresholds has always taken an act of great courage. My hope is that in the end courage and cooperation will win over fear, shame, guilt and blame.

That is why I created SHE ROCKS LIFE™

It is said that courage is the ability to face fear and to proceed anyway. Many children, and adults for that matter, get bogged down in their fears and fail to realize their goals, and the contributions they have to make to the world. Quite simply, fear can make someone less than they are.

If we are to be courageous in the face of judgement, shame, blame or negativity we must be hopeful, and #FIERCE in our actions, ensuring that our courage aims towards that which is healthy and a win-win for all. Not only what's healthy or beneficial for us and our families, or for our country, or even for our species, but for the whole of the world. We must remain vigilant, despite the inert culture.

That is why I created SHE ROCKS LIFE™

For any action to count as courageous it must first come from an understanding that the current situation has changed so drastically that the requirements for courage must change along with it. Our current situation, the state of the world, is showing us that things must change dramatically. With the onset of global warming, out of control populations, water shortages, and human caused environmental collapse, we live in a time where the traditional understanding of what it means to be courageous is becoming unlivable. It is up to each of us to exercise good judgement about what is fine and healthy in this world, and then to face the future with a new understanding of what it means to be courageous.

That is why I created SHE ROCKS LIFE™

We all know of times when, in the midst of abject fear, courageous acts are done. We've all read the stories of a mother whose son is trapped underneath an overturned tractor. Desperate and focused only on saving her son's life, she lifts the heavy farm tractor with one hand while rescuing her son with the other. Urban myth, maybe. However, you and I both know what fear feels like. We know how debilitating it is, how it can stop us in our tracks, and how it can make us run away. The courage the mother had, had to do with making the decision that the life of her son was more important than her fear. Then, it was just a matter of taking action moving in the direction of what she wanted beyond the reach of fear. It's not about ignoring the fear. It's about choosing something greater.

It’s about being FIERCE in the face of adversity and it’s about owning your own inner SHE ROCKS LIFE™

SHE ROCKS LIFE™ and The #PLEDGEPINK Project™  are my gifts to you. To liberate your voice, amplify your expression and set your soul on fire.

Welcome to a new beginning, a new way of being and a new global family who sees the need for courage, for fierceness, for amped up voices and strong freely expressed presences. Who are here to Wake the Nations alongside you and Live their Lives Without Limits.

Welcome...you are home.

The great epochs in our lives are at the points when we gain the courage to re-baptize our badness into the best in us. –Friedrich Nietzsche

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