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About: Sempai Pink-E




My friends know me as Eccaia AKA Sempai Pink-E or “that tiny Girl who does chucks”! Why? Because I love, love, love nunchucks. 

From the moment my Renshi put a nunchuck in my hand at the age of 6 I was hooked and I’ve been pushing to increase my skill with them ever since. 

I’m 8 years old now and hold a first degree black belt in Shorin Ryu, currently pursuing my black belt in Kung Fu. While working towards my black belt in 2017, I was also training 6 days a week to compete in the WKC Worlds competition being held in Orlando. As a brown belt (age 7), I competed in the -10 black belt divisions against girls much older than I and placed 4th (with a .1 deviation). Against 11 seasoned competitors, I knew I should be happy with the results. I wasn’t. However, it did spark a fire in me. 

The spark I felt wasn’t just in the area of martial arts, extreme forms or even nunchucks. That was definitely supercharged - I have my eye on Gold in 2018 but, the fire that ignited that day was deeper. Much deeper. I instantly became driven to inspire and empower other Girls to push past limits, obliterate expectations and challenge stereotypes. 

You see, I am a petite person, quite young and a girl. Three strikes if you listen to society's idea of what a “girl” should or is capable of doing at such a young age. I’ve faced my share of resistance and disbelief. The difference is that I had a Mom in my corner who believed in me. One who acknowledged my passion, recognized my potential, and has continually encouraged me - especially when I was starting to doubt myself because of what “others” would say. 

Because she believes in me, I also found the courage to perform with my chucks, on stage with the Barenaked Ladies (2017) during a live show, to Big Bang Theory. My nerves almost got the best of me and I was second guessing whether I could go on. With all the added training for black belt testing and getting ready for Worlds, I hadn’t found the time to properly practice. 

Soundcheck was a bit shaky and so were my knees. This time gave me the opportunity to test what I was going to perform with Ed, Jim, Tyler and Kevin (they even gave me some tips on being nervous...so grateful). In the end, I just felt the music and made up my chuck routine on the spot to fit...it worked, the audience loved it and I was over the moon. 


After a long discussion with my Mom, talking about societies damaging gender stereotypes, the challenges I have had to overcome in my 8 short years, where I am in my Martial Art career so far and where I want to go with it. What I want to achieve in 2018 and beyond. We talked about costs associated with choosing this sport and what it will take to achieve my goals. 

We talked about my desire to create a video journal that would serve to inspire other Girls and be a means for me to see my progress in real time. Because I am committed to using my platform to not only inspire + empower + advocate for and on behalf of Girls against bullying + violence, she built me a Youtube page (where I can share my tips for handling "being a girl" today and all that comes with that + house my videos). She designed a mini store for me within her website, where I can sell original #PLEDGEPINK™ merchandise (a portion of the proceeds are donated to select organizations) + a platform where I can grow my Community of supporters. 

By creating The #PLEDGEPINK Project™, with the assistance of my Mom’s business and design skills, I will have the opportunity to do all three. 

  • Maintain a video journal of my development that I can share with my Community.
  • Contribute financially to the achievement of my Martial Art / Extreme Weapons Goals.
  • Inspire, empower and advocate for Women and Girls through financial contributions.



This year, I have made a huge decision to enter the NASKA circuit. In fact, my goal is to WIN in my division overall in 2019. This means, I will be continuing to practice 6-7 days a week and will need to increase my private lessons.   

It also means that I must attend as many of the following tournaments as possible this year to be ready for 2019: 

  • Quebec City Open: April 27-28 - Quebec City, Quebec (2nd place in all 4 divisions)
  • Dixieland Nationals: September 7-8 - Augusta, GA
  • Diamond Nationals: October 5-6 - Bloomington, MN
  • Pan American Internationals: November 9-10 - Miami Beach, FL
  • Toronto Tournament of Champions: November 30 - December 1 - Toronto, Canada


Make WKC Team Canada again so that I could have the opportunity to represent Canada at Worlds for the second year in a row... and I DID! 

After qualifying via the Ontario Provincials, I had to compete at Nationals May 18-19, 2018 in Ottawa, Ontario. Here I achieved gold in Musical and Creative Weapons and a bronze in Classical forms. 

As a Member of the WKC Team Canada, I now have the opportunity to travel to Ireland October 27 – November 4, 2018 to compete for World Champion status. However, I can't do this alone. 

This is a massive undertaking from a physical and financial perspective however, I believe with your support, my Mom’s tireless commitment + my drive and determination, it is doable! 


Join My Team


For each #PLEDGEPINK™ Merchandise purchased, 30% of the profits will be donated to a preselected Charity or Organization dedicated to supporting + empowering Women / Girls. 


To empower Girls impacted by bullying, subjugation or violence to push past perceived limits, end oppression of each other, embrace their strengths and be who they want to be.


To ensure that my Mom doesn’t lose her mind, and to make sure that we can support as many Women / Girls as possible - we have chosen to use an App called Give & Grow to make donations effortless. Each month the cumulative 30% of profits from the sales of my new line of #PLEDGEPINK™ Swag - a donation will be automatically be made. 

How the Charities or Organizations are selected: 


Each quarter we will post a Poll on this page for you to vote where the cash will flow. 


Each organization that meets the aforementioned criteria will be added to our master list and selected at random to be included in the Poll. Once a donation has been made to an organization, they will be removed from eligibility until all current organizations have received funds. If you are aware of or have a favorite organization that supports Women and Girls who have experienced emotional or physical violence, we ask that you post the name of the organization (please include a link to their website) in our Community post section found in the tab at the top of this page. 

NOTABLE NOTE: This is a massive venture and experiment of sorts that we are undergoing in public, so if there are new features, other offerings, new tiers, or anything you think would be awesome for us to embrace, feel free to throw them out to me. A big part of this movement is a focus on collaboration and embracing our little community. <3 

Together we can make MAGIC happen as we communally empower and inspire other young Women to reach past the stars and achieve their dreams!   

All is possible when we choose to authorize instead of deny and when we collectively #PLEDGEPINK™