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As a wild child, art loving, introverted non-conformist female, who was educated in the Halls of Hard Knocks, Penny L. Sampson wears her colorful and varied background like a badge of honor. The years working within and being closely connected to the Music and Entertainment Industry, plus being employed as a TriCity Roofing Product Manager in yet another male dominated industry, only served to amplify her passion for teaching Assertiveness, Communication and Leadership. With an untamable desire to change how Women show up in the World, Penny spent 15+ of the past 20 years embroiled in studying the human condition, the mind and the methodology of fear based manipulation before founding SHE ROCKS LIFE™.

She, like so many Women Globally has paid exorbitant fees, immersing herself in countless trainings over the years - that were pitched as “the” training / program or course that would finally crack the Entrepreneurial / Life Code pitched to support Women to succeed.

It turns out each was undeniably flawed and failed to live up to its claims however, there was a very clear and insidious explanation as to why.


The majority of “the” most popular and captivating programs and courses marketed to Women, currently only serve to perpetuate the struggle and have been created to ensnare those who are “hungry” for success but, lack the personal confidence and value within their own abilities to make success a reality. The “system” in fact, cast more doubt than what was to be learned. The same is happening to our young Women as they strive to thrive in an academic environment shrowded in hypocracy. 

Add in the real and undeniably palpable Global Crisis we are currently experiencing. One where information manipulation is at an all time high, where Misogynistic Leaders speak and act openly in accordance with their perverse belief system and Women are struggling.

Make no mistake…We Are Rising!



The “system” has failed to create empowered and capable Leaders and to address the core issues Women face each and every day. It has failed to instil confidence, drive, determination and resilience. However, it has dominated in creating fearful buyers hungry for more, who were breathlessly waiting for the next training, the next miracle or the next quick fix...while, praying it would be “the last”.

It has dominated in capitalizing on the perpetuation of blame, shame, guilt and has personified the "excuse" model that has consistently absolved those at the heart of the issue from taking ownership.  Pitting Woman against Woman and Girl against Girl. 

We Women continue to struggle, forced into a cyclical snare always chasing a seemingly elusive dream until one day we stop. Defeated, emotionally and financially spent…we give up on our hope for the future. We give up on ours dreams and give in to the collective...the system that dictates what, who and how much WE can be.

We are not heard and lack personal value but…Not for long!


We the Women of the World, the young and the not-so-young, hold the answer within. We need to step forward en mass. Our path is clear. First we Challenge and then we Restructure the System by empowering Women Globally to Communicate by Design.

It simply took “seeing” the system with eyes wide open, and raising 2 Daughters - one who became the 2016-2017 President of her College Student Union and is now actively pursuing a career in Canadian Politics. While the other achieved her Black Belt at the age of 8 in Shorin Ryu and who, for the second year in a row has qualified in the -10yr old black belt division at the WKC National Karate competition. Thus securing herself a position as a member of WKC Team Canada, providing her the opportunity to compete at WKC World Karate Championships in Orlando 2017 and in Ireland 2018.

These Women are challenging the System, each in their own way. It's through the embracement of our own experiences, without filters or preconceived ideologies that change will occur. It takes listening and questioning and it takes a willingness to "be different", to challenge the status quo and to not allow the preconcieved notions of others to stop us.

If we are to be the solution to an increasingly destructive system then “we” must raise our collective physical and vocal presence, and abandon the need to be perfect so we can first…Be Heard!