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SHE ROCKS LIFE™ was founded with a rebellious spirit and a bold objective: to offer Women the gift of choice, the gift of self expression + ownership, and the gift of liberation from judgment, blame, shame, guilt and excuse.

We are challenging the system and all those who strive to keep women in subjugation.

With revolutionary leadership training + live events on the horizon and edgy merchandise (available now) that speaks to the un-orthodox need of today's Female Leader, we are here to help pave the way for social, professional and economic change.

We are here to break the rules, defy the norm and see each Woman fully empowered, driven and powerfully Leading her own personal UPRISING!

Society as a whole has failed to create empowered and capable Female Leaders and to address the core issues Women face each and every day. It has failed to instill confidence, drive, determination and resilience. However, it has dominated in pitting Woman against Woman, gender against gender, race against race. It has succeeded in shifting accountability from perpetrator to innocent, in accepting misogyny as “boys will be boys” and in silencing women en mass with the goal of maintaining the status quo.

We say no more!

Every concept evolves from a problem. Ours was simple: not enough Women in Leadership positions and too many Women struggling to make ends meet, feeling devalued and defeated by currently accepted system and social norms.

As a Veteran in the Assertiveness + Leadership Training arena, with a Passion for all things Rebelliously Creative Penny L Sampson endows SHE ROCKS LIFE, #PLEDGEPINK™ and FIERCE Academy™ with her course curriculum, assertive communication and creative avant-garde expertise.

SHE ROCKS LIFE is singularly focused on becoming a catalyst that will give rise to a Female Global awakening to what is possible when we set ourselves free to Lead.   

We are here to make waves, rock boats and wake nations of Women to what is possible for them, if they choose and commit to change, choice and assertion. Casting aside the fear and replacing it with FEROCITY. .


We are Changing the Face of Leadership One Woman at a Time. Because It Isn’t All Black and White • It’s Time to Show Your Color.