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FIERCE V01: I Am Enough

FIERCE V01: I Am Enough

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The FIERCE OWNERSHIP MANUAL: V01 ~ I Am Enough, is the Savvy Woman's Guide to eliminating the fear of being flawed, and fiercely loving who you are, once and for all.


Confidence is key to mastering the Art of Communication and being successful in all areas of our lives; yet, this is where we struggle most. If it was easy to be confident, believing that we are enough, casting aside "should's and have to's" - we'd all have mastered it long ago. We're governed by societies conformist and manipulative teachings that keep us caught in the trap of silence and subjugation. We're afraid to shine! Thus, FIERCE V01 begins with YOU.  

It’s time for you to discover and more importantly “own” who you are.

Who am I is one of those immortal questions that we seem to ponder over a lifetime and in my opinion, so we should. Who we are changes over time. Who we were, is not who we are and who we are, is not necessarily who we are becoming or who we were born to be. Our lives are constantly in flux.

With each new day and each new interaction, we change. So for those who claim they do not like change, it is inescapable.

You have been told that you are not enough, you are lacking, you need to be more or you've been told that you are "too much" to handle. Possibly both. Either way, this ends now. 

The question remains, who are you?

FIERCE V01 - Enough is Enough is “not” your standard e-book or quickie course and we are not here to sell you a magic pill that is going to make all your concerns vanish in the blink of an eye.

We are diving into your sense of self here. Your innate belief that there is something wrong, broken or lacking in you. The “programming” that created this ideology took time. Layer after layer, piece by piece your fire was snuffed out and it is going to take “time” and commitment on your part to create the spark that will ignite the flame that is within you. 

It’s time for you to “own” who you really are and let her lead the way.


The FIERCE curriculum has been designed to work sequentially, commencing with V01 - which includes 139 pages of clear, concise and candid content designed strategically and comprehensively to ensure that we are addressing as many levels of resistance, concern or apprehension - as possible.

Note: we are all unique, with distinct back stories. With that, we all experience and perceive information singularly. 

Our expectation is that you will utilize each Volume as you deem appropriate and timely. This is after all your life and your journey.

Each Volume will target a specific challenge faced by Women that continues to impede their progress, emotional / physical health, confidence and leadership ability. We have designed FIERCE in this manner with the express intention of providing maximum education and support.

FIERCE V01 - Enough is Enough

    SHE ROCKS LIFE™ Expectations

      • look forward - not back
      • know and respect your rights and the rights of others
      • stop making excuses and asking for permission
      • choose to commit
      • take ownership
      • be accountable
      • do the work (use a separate journal to complete each section)
      • implement through action and empowerment
      • take the lead


      Be advised, each Volume within the FIERCE curriculum will contain the same or slightly altered front and back matter. This is done strategically and with intent to ensure maximum retention, cohesion and continued commitment through repetition.

      Repetition works as it helps your brain solidify connections that are used to recall memories. When you learn something new, your brain instantly attempts to associate it with something that you already know through a process of assimilation. This association process is basically the brain building a new connection between a new idea and a previously understood idea. It’s that simple.

      It's time!